Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am so glad that some ladys came from New York. Just to see are classes. To see how are we doing with are game disigning.

Sense the viced. Of November 24, 2009. I think that Globaloria is fun to be working with. I think that the viced did help us to get more good ideas for are games.

I think that the lady's that came that that they gave me some good ideas to how to make my game better. I thank the lady's for coming to are school. For coming and giving us some great ideas for are games.

My favorite part is that they gave us examples of what to us in are games. That they gave ideas to us of what are so good things to us to make are game great.

I loved that they came to see how are ideas are for the games. The lady's where so nice of giving us there time to give us fantastic ideas for the game designing.

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