Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game Idea!!!!!!!!.....

My social issue is Health. My specific topic of this social issue is Drug Abuse. My genre is action-adventure.

People should play my game to see how other people are abused by drugs. I want people to know that the drug abuse had become one of the social issues that have managed the attention of everyone. It has become so popular that we tend to spend half an hour to one hour daily to understand the concepts on detail. What starts with a word of trying to taste only once grows and roots down to a point where the individual finds it hard to live without the use of drugs. How the people that are drugged abused are like everyone else but they just

Some of the cause of being drug abused are:

*Hereditary intake of drugs.
*Disturbed childhood
*Peer pressure
*Broken family situations
*Easy access to drugs
*Bad/not that good of parents
*Ill treatment undergone during childhood and the like.

*Gets family problems

I want people to know about this because I don't want them to lose the people they love just because of drugs. I know how that feels having some one of your family use drugs.

Well that's why i want to do my game about to be about that social issue. Well all of you will see me game later. And tell me what you think.

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  1. Good drug blog that would be A good example of what drugs do to you.