Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The definition of respect for me is to take care of what is school property, like the lockers, the restrooms. By damaging this property is showing you don't care about them. Like for example the computers in the Computer Lab, those are easy to break, by running or jumping. By showing respect to the computers you should hold them right so it wont fall out of your hands.

When in the hallways, you shouldn't be standing there waiting to for the bell to ring you should keep walking and go to class and have the decency to make the teachers work easier. During breakfast/lunch, just eat the food, don't through it everywhere so the janitors job will be easier to clean, without worrying about food being on the floor, on the walls, etc.

Another example of having respect for someone is to treat them how you would want to be treated when making an announcement in public, in the school or in class. Showing attention is the great way to show respect, also letting the announcer finish before making any comments or questions. Being nice when asked to do something is another great way to show respect.

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  1. You make valid points with excellent examples. I get the feeling that you are a respectful student; in return, others surely respect you as well!