Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I think RED RIBBON WEEK is important because it was a persons that gave hes life just to take out drugs are out are life's just to make it a good world for hem and hes family. I think this a important week because this men gave hes life just to get the must top men in the business. I think its important because was trying to make a better world for us.

I don't want to use drugs because my uncles, cousins and my brother use them. I see how they react when they used it. I don't want to do that because i don't want to die because of some drug. I don't want my family to use drugs.

My uncle is in jail because of drugs. I don't want to be like my family. My family always talk about not using drugs. My uncle admitted that he used drugs a long tie ago but not no more.

I think people use drugs because they want to be released of there anger. They may be use drugs because they feel bad. I know people that use drugs are not that intelligent like there where because they use a lot of drugs and the Brain is getting wicker. Your getting sicker and sicker. You get addicted to the drugs then when you want it and you cant have it you will be crazy.http://http//www.calexico.k12.ca.us/181.image/Who_is_Enrique_Kiki_Camarena.pdf?u_id=181

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