Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think am doing well in technology. I don't think I have problems in technology. I think I'm doing everything good technology. I really think I don't have problems with nothing in the class. I really get the concept that where on now.

I do like Ms.Miller, shes a nice teacher. I like her because shes nice and she lets us do fun things in class. Shes fun to play whit. Shes a fun person to be with. Shes cool and not that strict like the other teachers in the school.

I do get all the things that we have bean doing in class. This class is like the easiest class out of all the classes. I do like this this class its fun to post in or blogs. I like posting pictures in my blog. I like every thing about are blogs. I like working on my blog. It's fun to work on it, to decorated.

Technology is one of my favorite classes out of all the classes in the school. I like technology because I like learning about stuff. I like the blogging and when we get on are Gmail.

The other thing I like about technology is when we can be e-mailing on Gmail. I like Gmail because I can chat with my friends. It's a better way to be chating. I like it because it's fun.

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