Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well nothing has been hard for me working on flash now. Every thing has been easy so far. Programming with flash gets hard if you don't follow the steps correctly. Its a lot easy if you hear and do the steps correctly in order.
I think we should work a little more on flash so we can understand it better. We should do that so we can learn more how to use the supplies. We should learn a lot more about flash because we need it to help us with the game.
I think its important to remember the coding because we will need the codes for movement, for adding, and for uploading. We need the codes because we need for changing the speed, for changing the codes for moving up, down, left, right. This is why I think the coding id important because its important to use in flash.
We should just listen to the steps and listen to the order they go in. If we don't do that, that's whats making flash hard. You must listen for the correctly coding we need in specific things. You should listen to every little detail about working on flash. We should do that so we wont mess up on flash.
When we work on flash I cant focus on working because of the loud nous in the classroom. Its hard for me to be focus because am trying to listen to the steps we have to do. When the class is to loud I just cant focus, so it will be better the class did not talk when we are working on it.
I think the videos that we watch in class do help us. The videos give us good examples to help us with. The videos gives us a lot of details how to work on flash. The videos do help because they helped me. They helped me on how to understand flash a little more.
My way of understanding flash was to listen really close to the steps we have to do. I was listening to all the things we need to do. I think its really important to listen and watch the steps and see the order they go in.
I like working on flash. Its really fun to be working with it. I think working on flash will help us on how to make another game in the future. I think its important to work on flash, so we all can do more harder things with flash or we can even try to make a real life video-game. Wells this is my opinion on how it will help us in the future.

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