Friday, March 5, 2010

I learned more techniques to use in flash. I learned how to make a perfect shapes. I learned more then I already knew. This techniques are so good. I love working on flash now because its fun to work on it. Flash is now easy because of the techniques. I really do get my subject now. I have learned a lot more because I get the subject more. I loved working on flash when we did are game. Is its so cool doing the new techniques that we learned. The techniques make everything look better. Working on flash is fun. The flash is easy now just because we know more things to use to make are flash look better.

Some of the techniques are how o make a square, a circle, a rectangle, and other things that we use often. We know how make a perfect square. We know how to make a perfect circle too. The techniques are really easy for me. They are so cool. You can make a different kinds of stuff just with the techniques that we just learned.

Well this is how I got to make flash easy. It really is easy to use flash with this techniques. I just want to know how to mae things look real life. I would like to learn more about flash because its super cool to use it.

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