Monday, September 27, 2010

Maria C. 5 2010

These are some game topic websites that I found on

This website is  really good. It gives you lots of wbsites that are based on The main Topic. There is a lot of websites, the ones that I mostly read where about how to make childrens future better. The websites tell how there programs work.
I choose this websites because they give you lots of information of that they are doing with the donatipons. This websites give you lots of good information. They tell you how the program works, what is there goal, how their resource center works, etc.
I choose this websites because this things are what we usaully talk about. We usauly talk about why we shouldent do certain things to pollute the air, or water, etc. This topic is important because we can stop pollution if we change are ways of being.
 Teenage pregnancy & Drug is usauly what we talk about too. Its what most teenagers do. Some get pregnant or do drugs because they dont have the attentionm they need. They usaully fall in those steps because of family problems, or their parents dont give them the attention necesary that they need.
The homeless topic is another thing that is world wide. People end up Homeless because of prmnlems or they fall in the phat of were they dont know what to do.


  1. You found many interesting social issues that will be great as game topics. It may be hard to narrow down your choices, but you have a great start here.

  2. You Have A Very Nice Blog Maria

  3. Hey Maria I like your blog it looks nice.