Friday, October 1, 2010

Maria C. 7 2010

                                            Saving Species of Planet Earth

While the animals ecosystem gets damaged, the animals will have an adaption to different behaviors. Conservation effects the human and the animals. Every animal is being critically endangered.

The Icecap has been disappearing, this affects the animals that need the ice. For example, the Polar Bears have been behaving in ways we have not thought they will act. The Polar Bears will be scarce of food little by little, the food of the all types of animals will be establishing in another certain place while the ice is melting day by day.

 The humans population has being affecting environment  and we have being hunting to much a year that their is a rare species of animals still left. We are apprehending the population of the animals that there is some animals that are rare to be seen.

We can change this thing by not hunting some certain type of animals. We most let all the species make a larger population because what if one day the food of one animal is gone, that animal starts eating something else or it dies. If this happens the animal that eats that certain animal will adapted to different actions, then all the animals will be affected by this. All the animals are important to the are Planet Earth. Every sing animal has its own roll on the Earth, and so do we, as humans this is super important because this all the based on the circle of life.

As the human population grows we affect more environments of species. We can have a sustainable living by not hunting as lot as we do now a day.

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  1. I agree. We need to save the animals. We need to help. We need to save the earth!