Friday, November 19, 2010

Maria C. 13 2010

Part 1
Researchers are finding plants, and animals, in places where they are not suppose to be located at. Researchers looking for a rapid insesment that is a different species. Every year the numbers go up when the aliens have damage the continents. Over the years they have seen anormous creatures from the water and whats is in it. Living things test there boundaries. Aliens have spreaded, and destroyed property of other humans. They are always up at night and are looking for food. The wood is likely teaming, with stole aways, which are aliens and by there own they are capable of doing a lot of damage. New Orleans termites lay low for lots of years. All of the invaders have got a break by not getting caught by the humans. People have found the fly species in the U.S..

Part 2

Alligator attacks have increased in the Victoria lake. You can also get a disease for drinking the bad water. In 1992, water hyacthins were spotted in lake Victoria. If one population of animal dies then that the prays population is going to increase. People were saying that weevils were just a joke but after five years they realized that the weevils were really good to there water place an other things like plants. The ants making more from the U.S. but that's bad for all of us. These signs may be warning from deeper u rest just maybe they are. Theres a new species in the forest and they are changing how the forest work. The run off can be dangerous the the native species. Hawaii is looking so good it looks like paradise with all kinds of things like pineapples, sugar canes, macadamia nuts are there now. A scientist name smitten has found a plant with thick leaves but purple underneath it. The Japinessee white bird can spread around seeds around the forest which is another imporant species. Theses plants called macouim are very dangerous because they can make the forest die and the ecosytem. Thanks to pepole the plant is being watched by them but other people want the plant instead of killing them.Supporters says that with one continent the world can hold as many animals in the ocean and on the land. The people who study animals want to know what will happen if we put more diferent type of inaders in the ecosytem.

Part 3

Alien Sunammi change San Francisco's lake
Two Threerds of mammals will become extinct
One degree can affect us.
A little changed alot on earth, affecting big time.
The climate is changing fast, that people are supered worried.
Mosquito's can suck almost one spoon of blood a day of caribous, that makes you loose energy, and because of that, they caribous die.
people don't know what to do because is a global problem
they think that its going gto get worst , plants and animals are going to die

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