Friday, November 19, 2010

Maria C. 13 2010.

Part 4
Some Researchers worry because of global warming.
The warmer the water the less the plants there are.
The inner climate is a system.
We all inter inner connected.
Dust from miles away,

Part 5
In Lake Guri, Boats have never been there, because of the floods. Racing against the tides, the leaves will fall down and the animals will die. Those they reach will be save.
Most lakes with Lake Guri are Man Made. Every time they visit, they see changes. On a Small Island, small plants will survive.
Before the flood, Guri, was with a lot of plants and predators.
Animals are completely silent because of the changes.
By counting baby shell rings, they discovered how the water raises.
Predators are dangers.
Can predators survive now on the land scape? Its a Lands scape that sends us back. Its a place of the wild.
Even between the ocean there is a amount of predators.
At the top, there is a lot of predators looking for there pray.
We have lots more then 90% of the big fish, over the pass few years.
The fishes keep the coral, from
They spend the whole day fishing and they do not catch nothing.

Part 6
Some waters have dangered things that we could be facing.
Almost 20 type species of frogs are in danger.
The frogs that the researchers catch have atrazine because of the dirt contaminated water, and the ones that they catch in clean water are healthy.
No one is actually sure what water has now, and there is a possibility that atrazine can affect animals.
Most of the fish are contaminated by methaw mercury.
90% of the fish is mostly save to eat.
Now its easy to take out invisible toxins from are water.
No one has the right exact results that the crowns are made of nitrogen.

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