Monday, May 23, 2011

Winding Down!

                                                            Winding Down

My teams name is the Jolly Ranchers. :)
The name of are game is the Glaciers Dangers.
Are game is based on the glaciers, the reason is that there is to much CO2 in the air that is making the animals that adapted to them will become endangered!
We have completed all the scenes of are game.
Most of are team page is complete, we just need to add a few things.
Well we do not have to complete a lot of work, we are almost done with this assingment.
What I can do to finish before friday is for me to work on are team page.
The grade I would give myself would be a 90, because I have worked really hard and I admite I have improved with my skills.
The things I have learn this whole year are a lot but the main one is to how to work better with animations in flash and how to add code.
The main thing I am proud of from Globaloria is that I really improved and I might have a chanc to make a amazing game in the future.
The way I can improve next years is by improving working with flash, just like I did this year. I do trust on myself I would succed that goal.

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