Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 Cyberbully 2011

This is my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year.

How does the main character feel about using Clicksters in the beginning of the film?
 Taylor at first was not sure about Clicksters, but after she found out that Scott was using it as well she decided to make her self the account.

What is her family situation?
Well her dad and mom are seperated. Her mom is super over protective with her, and also Taylor does not really get along with her brother.

What types of friendship does she have?
She had a normal, good friendship with her two best friends, but everything started to change when she made her Clicksters account.

When does the cyberbullying begin?
The cyberbullying began when she made her account, and it all started with Lindsay, the popular girl from school.

What is the result of the cyberbullying that Taylor experiences?
The result of the cyberbullying is people posted things that are not even true to her page, and also after a few days she lost her friends because of the things that were happening. The reason all this started is because of a guy named Jaimes that she had meet on Clicksters, he had posted that she had gave him STD.

What is the rest of the cyberbullying?
The rest of the cyberbullying is at school, Lindsay would say things that she would think were funny to say, but Taylor was not the only person that was going through this situation, there was a homosexual that was in the same situation.

What would you do if you were in Taylor's shoes?
If I were in her place I would of listed the people that were posting the comments and I would tell my mom to help me with the situation, also I would delete my account so the problem would not get worst.

How does Taylor react to the mean comments people keep posting about her?
She reacts shocked, she is not even aware of what people post for a little while because her mom had taken the computer away, because she posted a mean comment back to Lindsay. Well after a while that the cyberbullying began Lindsay and her friends had posted a video, acting out that Taylor was a slut, so Taylor got tierd of all those things that she tryied killing her because no one liked her and didnt wanna hang out with her, not even her best friends.

Does she ever try to stop people from posting insults? What could she have done differently?
At first she thought it was funny because she was already use to Lindsay saying insult, but then when everyone was insulting her she told her mom for her. So her mom tells her to delete the account but Taylor does not want to because she wants to talk more to Scott. Well if I were her I would of lisen to my mom and delete my account, maybe even move schools so things could changes.

How do you think Taylor felt about her friends betraying her?
Taylor felt lonley, she thought her friends would be there for her but she thought wrong because they said for her to not hang out with her no more because they do not want to be called things either.

What kind of changes do you see Taylor experience through the film?
Well she started getting close to her mom, she grew, she does not judge no one, she actually realized that there are people that have similar promblems to hers.

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  1. She did learn that there are people in the same situations.
    If this happened to you would you know what to do?