Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Game

  Making a Mini Game is so easy, and that's because I have done this before. I like working on it because it can always help me on my game when I need to refresh my memory. The best part of making the mini game is that it helps you understand the code that the actions need. I like that the fact that I could go back and see the code for me to correct my errors. The easiest thing about the Mini Game is mostly adding the code but there's times you might get confused with other code. The worst part of the Mini Game is that some times the code does not work until you change things and make sure its correct.


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  2. Marlen :) !
    I like your blog ! You are were really detailed and very specific . Anyways I really enjoyed reading your blog ! Keep up the good work ! ! !

    - Diana :) <3 !

  3. Very True,I Get Confused because if you change one little thing then it messes up (sometimes) Everything In the game.