Wednesday, November 2, 2011

March of the Penguins

1. The penguins have to over come a lot of a challenges, like the weather and the fact that they have to wait for months and they all have to get together and warm each other, while that happens some of their eggs slip out and they end up being froze just with a second of being out in the cold.

2. There habitat is super cold, its a challenge for them because they have to wait for weeks while their partner goes out and get food while the one that stays with the egg is trying its best to keep it warm and also not let it fall. 

3. They have to adapt to being far away from the water because of the reason their predators will eat them, thats why they move far away from the water and it takes months for them to get food and go back and feed their partner. 

4. Theirs a period of time where their is no sunlight because of the reason the climate is to cold. The affects of this is that the weather gets even more colder then usual.

5. It is important that the grounds is solid because they will not be able to mate. The male will not be able to get on top of the female.

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