Friday, February 10, 2012

Nike !

                               Nike - Sweatshops

I feel that every citizen of any state or country should have their basics rights, even if their poor. We all need to have some type of shelter for our family, so the people that are being worked to death should at least make enough money to feed not only one person but three or more.

Its really sad to hear about a person doing all this type of work and being treated like a slaves or animals. Not having food on one or more days would kill any of those workers and the factory would have to find a new replacement for that person, and that would be another person would be a victim of this situation . The business people should think through thinks as if that was them or their child working and see how they are killing all this people that are working a lot of hours for a little amount for a lot of hours in a day. Even the children of the workers are being victims, they don't have the opportunity to go to school or even see their parents because of the work.

The things I would do different is open the eyes of the people that are working, letting them know I am trying to help them get their basic rights. I would even tell them to not go to work and I would feed them an amount of food a day. This type of things would take time to be changed, but it is hard to change it if their country don't have laws for theim to have their basics rights. All this that the Nike Business workers are doing to this people is just not right. Its not right that the workers have to die because of the torturer that is going on at work every day. 

Even the way Phil Knight, the CEO of the Nike company has not been to Indonesia. What makes people think when they hear that? Well it makes me think he knows what is going on, and I also think that the only problem is that he does not want to visit it because he does not want to see what is going on with his on eyes. Its sad to see this high people in the bussiness know about what is going on and dont do nothing to change something right now, before million of more people are death because of the reason they did not care at the beginning.

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  1. Very insightful comments Maria. I appreciate your taking this lesson seriously and I know that you will one day make a difference in people's lives with your intelligence and compassion. Great writing!