Monday, February 6, 2012

Object in the Sky!

The way I would make this event into a game is by creating what looks like a meteor and make it move around the background as if it was shooting around and make it gain points by getting something in a certain time.
I would focus on action for a genre, because its more interesting to have an adventure to play with and maybe another genre with that one as well.
My game would teach math equations that most of the grades have difficulty's with understanding.
The player would have to collect some items in a certain time, then move on an choose a topic to work with.
The hero would be an astronaut or scientist that would be discovering the meteor, and the enemy would be an alien trying to make you not get close to the meteor.
The type of animation the player would see would be keyboard control, and jumping. The player would not hear any sound.
The title of my game would be The Crazy Night because it was a crazy moment at a normal night.

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  1. Remember to proofread your work before publishing!

    It was a crazy night.