Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I feel its a good think working with team mates because we can all work on the game. I feel this a good think because we all can know what are team mates don't like. Well we can know what are team mates have problems with so we all can help each other. Well some times I don't like working in teams because some of the team mate don't work on helping with the game. Like I don't like when the team leader sometimes starts playing and when hes playing he tells us to not play to pay attention or to help on the game project.

It was really easy to represent are team paper prototype. It was easy because we are explaining what the game is going to be about. It was really easy to do because we are explaining the subject of the game. The paper prototype its the steps of the game.

I think it was a good thing we had more time to had the math. I thought it was going to be easy to add the math but it was a little hard. We had a little problem adding the math objective into the game and I didn't really get how to put the math in the game. At the end we understand how to add the math. It was easy because we all worked together to add it. I'm not confuse no more because I got the steps how to add it.

Some of my frustrations where that the team leader really didn't help on anything we had to do. I thought the leader was going to lead us not get us confuse. All I want is that we have a different team leader because i don't like how are leader acts. Well he really don't do nothing but just play with teammates or others from other teams.

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