Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My thoughts about Globaloria is that is so cool. That why do I like it to much. Well I do like Globaloria is fun to be on the computer. I just like it because I like working on flash. I like it because we work on flash, wiki, and are game project. I do like it because ewe work on the computers and we can learn more about this class and about the computers.

I have learned that we are going to use flash on are games. That we have to use math in are game. I learned how to work better on flash and wiki. I have learned how to enter the flash into the wiki.

I like to blog because its fun to type what we have done in class. I like to blog because its fun for me to write about what we have done in class. I like blogging about are game project. Blogging is so much fun for me because its easy for me to type it on the computer the write it on a piece of paper.

We have been working on are game project and on the flash for the game. We have been working on are game subject. On are game idea and are game design. We are working on those because the day that we have to make are game is coming up, so we are working on those to get are self's prepared to make are game.

I am looking forward to learn, How computers are made?. How long those it take tom make a computer? How many parts those a computer have? I want to learn fun things that maybe we can find out by are self's one day. I want to learn how to make the Flash more realistic. I want to learn some of those things that kids are age haven't learned and seen by them self's.

My group's game concept is about health, its based on drug abusers. Are game ideas are coming together really good. We have some really good ideas. Well I'm really excited to make my first video game. I really wnat my game to be fun because its teh first on I'm making. I wish all teh people that will play my game will like iot because I know my group and I will make a good video game.

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