Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My role that I got is to is Wiki Up dater. I choose this one because its really easy for me to do. I really like doing this job. I think I do a really good job with up dating the wiki. It really is a easy job for me maybe that's why am good for it. I'm good at this job because its really easy for me to up date the things we are doing in class and on the team. That's why I think I do good on this job.
My team and I did have some disagreements. We had some because we didn't what role to choose. I got my job because we all choose it. We all just choose the job we wanted. That's how we had the problem solved. This was a good idea for us because we didn't have the problem of people complaining about that didn't want that job. We didn't want to have more of dose problems like that because we got distracted.

I maybe think I will be able to see how much it takes to make a game. I will love to make more then one game. I'm looking forward of knowing more about how to make harder games and more cool games.I really want to learn how to make game look real life. I wish that will be one of the things that we will learn in the future.
Are inspiration was of the people that are druged abuse Thats why choose this subject because its important to us for people to not die because of drugs but to die for something else then drugs. We want to make this game about that because we want to give more information about that subject.
We have Objective 1. This pictures on the top are some ideas that will give about what will are game be about. Well are game is about people that are drudged abused. And that what think

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