Thursday, February 4, 2010

I find the paper prototype a little easy because I really did get it. I did like that it was fun but I really liked that we could do that. I liked it because it was a good thing for us because are classmates can give us some examples of what we are missing in the game. I liked that my group was really good with the presentation but the problem is that we where missing the math that was supposed be in the game. It was real fun to do the paper prototype because we could show are game ideas to are classmates.

It was a little hard to work in a team because I had my own ideas before we got into groups. What I like my team is that we all work. That we all do something of are part to help the team. What I don't like about the team is that the team leader plays to much with other people in other groups. That he really doesn't do nothing of hes part. I think things will progress of the remainder of this year because we are all working hard on are games. I think everything will go really well in all the classes and we will achieve to do a grate game.

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