Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SN0W!! =>

Its a awesome day because it hasn't snowed in a long time here in Austin. Its just so cool that we have snow. The whole school was with lots of exitement because of the snow.Today was the day I had fun because of the snow. Today is February,23. Its a Tuesday. Its some awesome. I hope its snows all week because I want to stay at home and go out side and play with the snow. I hope it will snow because the snow is so soft and beautiful.

I love how it looks when its snowing. I love the view when its falling off the sky. Its just so beautiful watching it go down and fall on the floor. I wish this will happen every time in Texas because its so cool seeing the snow.I hope we get out of school early so I can play with my brothers in the snow. I wanna go home and be with my older brother on his birthday. Its so cool because its hes birthday and its started snowing on hes important day.

I wish it will not stop snowing so we all can play in the snow. The snow is so cool. I just wish it will snow faster and harder so we all can go home and take advantage of the snow. I just think we should just go home and see the snow fall down. I wish we should just be out side all day because its so cool and fun playing with the awesome snow that's falling of the sky. I just love how the snow just touches us when its falling. Its just a good feeling when I'm playing with snow and when the snow touches me.

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